Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my curtains washed?

This would depend on its material. Just remember to iron the curtains if they are crumpled. Crumpled curtains are normal, and some curtains might shrink a little after washing, depending on its material.

Can I wash my curtains using washing machine?

This would depend on its material. However, MOST curtains can be washed using washing machines. For best effects, dry clean your curtains for a longer lasting curtain.

How to measure my windows?

Tip: Use a measuring tape.

To make things simple we require only two measurements to make your curtains:

Total Curtain Width and Drop Height (in inches or centimeters).


First measure the length of your curtain pole or track (A). If you do not have one yet bear in mind that the pole or track should ideally be positioned 6″ (15cm) above the window and extend 6″ (15cm) either side of the window (excluding finials).

As a rule the width of your curtain material should be at least twice as wide as the pole or track. A wider curtain will give a more luxurious effect. When you supply us with a Total Curtain Width (pole/track length) measurement, we will calculate how much material to use.

Before measuring the Drop Height, decide whether you want your curtains to fit to the sill, below the sill, to the floor or trailing. We suggest that sill length curtains finish 1/4″ (0.6cm) above the sill (B), curtains that fall below the sill finish 6″ (15cm) below (C), floor length curtains finish 1/2″ (1.3cm) from the floor (D) and trailing curtains finish upto 12″ (30cm) beyond the floor (E).

If you are using tracks you should measure from the top of the track (F). If you are using poles you should measure from the eye at the bottom of the curtain rings (G). For tab top curtains measure from the top of the pole (H). For slot tops and eyelets measure from 1″ (2.5cm) above the pole (J).

Can I custom make my curtains here?

Yes! Please contact us or visit us for details.

Why is ready made curtains cheaper than made to order curtains?

Ready made curtains are mass produced so that this allows the prices to be kept low. Our made to measure or custom made express curtains are manufactured by hand to your exact size requirement so this is a much more accurate and lengthy process and of course this has to be paid for somewhere. This is why we have a longer lead time for Made to Measure curtains but you also get a more tailored curtain to fit your exact window requirements, we can also make longer drop and wider widths in the Custom Made Express curtain range.

Can I get my curtains installed?

Once your curtains have been made and delivered we can arrange  installation.   There is an  additional cost to this service – please contact us for details.

If I alter my curtains here, can I get the excess cloth back?

Certainly Yes!

What is the best curtain to reduce noise?

Go for a Blockout curtain as it will do the best job. It will be better at Blockout out the noise than a translucent version. The Blockout version is also excellent at keeping out the light and heat. If you don’t have noise or heat issues and still want light to filter through your fabric then we suggest choosing a translucent fabric.

Why tie back curtains?

When you tie back or hold back your curtains, you allow more light to come through your windows, and visually widen them. Where you tie them back is a matter of personal preference. Whether tied high, in the middle, or low, you can achieve different looks with different amounts of light.